Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Essentials / winter


Dressing simply and elegantly during winter can be a bit tricky due to the low, low temperature that infiltrates Oslo during that time. For this reason I've steadily built up a small assortiment of outerwear essentials.

Boss coat / I bought this coat with my mother in Paris some years ago. Back then I was really too young to have such a "grown-up" and classy coat, that I didn't really wear it for a long, long time. I'm glad I still have it and that I've taken care of it. Now I wear it all the time - it's my go-to coat when I need something to make me feel chic and elegant. I also love that it's not black, as almost all the other coats I own are black.

Vagabond boots / These ankle boots aren't exactly winter boots per se, but they have a sturdy, thick heal and platform which help my feet not be so close to the ground (helpful when there's a lot of snow). They're also extremely comfortable, and for those extra cold days I wear thick woolen socks with them.

Acne scarf / This scarf has almost become a cliché on the streets of Oslo. Everyone has it now - especially in burgundy. I bought it some months ago, because I lost my favorite black scarf last winter and needed a new one. I happened to be in an Acne store at the beginning of fall, and they had just gotten this scarf in. Even though I'm pretty sure every other Norwegian women owns it now, I still love it because of its simplicity and great quality. After all, one can't go wrong with a simple black scarf.

Black leather gloves / I think that black leather gloves are the most elegant kind of gloves one can wear. I don't remember where these are from, but they keep me warm all winter long.

These photographs of me were taken in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. My family and I were there on a weekend trip.

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