Thursday, November 29, 2012

Playlist / No. 1


I always find it a bit difficult to make playlists. Don't get me wrong, I make them all the time - it's just that more often than not my playlists tend not to have a theme. The songs aren't always what you would put in the same playlist as they change in mood and style. However, that's how I listen to music - the same songs can sometimes fit my sad and my happy moods - all at the same time. For this journal I've tried to narrow it down though - attempting to select the songs from those different playlists that would actually fit the same mood. For this first playlist I guess I wanted to put together music I would listen to while taking a bath, while cooking alone and maybe feeling a bit blue.

1. Gentle Threat / Chilly Gonzales
2. Counting / Autre Ne Veut
3. Smother / Daughter
4. Laura / Bat For Lashes
5. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong / Gregory Alan Isakov
6. A Case Of You / Joni Mitchell
7. I Don't Care / Twin Shadow
8. Untitled 1 / Hype Willams

Listen to the playlist here.

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