Monday, November 12, 2012

A new beginning at the end of the year


Welcome to the first post on Maison Alexandra, just a simple introduction, really.

Maison Alexandra is a journal written and curated by no other than me, Alexandra Djupesland.

I'm a journalism student living in Oslo, my hometown.

I wanted to create this online journal in order to keep track of all the people, music, photography, objects, homes and such that I find interesting and inspiring. It's true that this can be done just as easily privately, without really using the internet and making everything public. However, I see having an online journal as a true challenge - if done right, that is. Not that there's any particular way of keeping a journal that's better than others. With "done right" I mean following the whole thing through, being consistent in content and intent. I will most certainly try.

I won't try to sum up everything that I'm interested in, because the list is endless. All in all I enjoy everything that makes life more beautiful, both physically and psychologically speaking. I guess you can say that I'm an aesthetician at heart.

Photo by Athena Mavroyiannis

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